The Process

The Process

Ready to get started? It’s simple.

Have a 1-page project (poster, invite, etc.) and an example of one you like? Email me the details and I’ll get on it.

$35.00! NO CONSULT REQUIRED! (*See details below)




Get it done!

1 – Use my scheduling page to request a First Things First meeting. On a weekday we’ll chat over the phone, or if you’re available on a Saturday we can grab coffee. We’ll take 30 minutes to discuss what you want and need. This is free.

2 – I will work on your marketing or branding and we’ll communicate via email until we have the finished product.

3 – You pay only for the time I’m actively working for you. I charge $35 per hour plus any custom third-party graphics or fonts, if you decide to purchase them. I have a $35 minimum, but that’s it! In other words, a simple ad could cost just $35 and it’s yours to use forever!


Questions? Contact me now!


* SIMPLE START includes up to 3 hours of design, email or text correspondence with client, and a finished, high resolution jpeg or pdf via email. Not valid on branding or multi-page projects.