Hi, my name’s Genevieve. I’m a wife, a mom and a graphic designer. I’ll get right to the point… I can help you. And I can help your small business mean business.

I have over a decade of marketing experience helping businesses to be better. I started out small, creating funky little newspaper ads and meaningful “art stories” when I was assistant manager at an amazing fine art gallery over a dozen years ago. And I’ve added to those experiences over the years by building diverse and better marketing for numerous companies. I scrutinize every piece of work I send out into the world. I ask myself the important questions. “Does this reflect the business?” “Does it say what it needs to say?” “Am I proud of it?”

My philosophy is to produce great work and to be honest and fair. I don’t cost an arm and a leg. I know for a fact there are agencies out there that do. We’re talking enough arm-and-leg to hire a full-time marketing assistant. Obviously, that makes no sense for your small business. You want someone who cares about your brand almost as much as you do and charges you only when you need help.

So if your goals include making your business look as great as it is, contact me today.

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